Scalable, customizable, and easy to deploy launch page written in Go.

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Stop the template launch page madness.

You're excited about the new product that you've been pitching and it's time to start cultivating an audience. After a full day of writing code, the last thing you want to do is try to design a launch page. You're a developer, not a designer -- it'll take you six hours to make it look right. Let's just build and host it on one of those launch page template sites.


First impressions mean a lot.

Launch page template sites are easy and they do a ton of the work for you. They handle analytics, social sharing and statistics, responsive page layout and design, and list generation. Almost everything is done for you, with the exception of some graphical customizations and entering your social media account information.

but they're not unique... If you're in the start-up scene, it's fairly easy to spot a launch page that was built using a template site. There are far too many startups that use template launch pages for the number of unique designs those sites provide, leading to an ordinary and unremarkable brand representation.

Don't oversimplify

Launch pages aren't simple. Done right, they allow you to analyze traffic, make it easy for others to share, build a list of potential users, and have a unique and memorable look that helps attract attention.

Where does Golapa fit in?

Golapa provides the back-end support for building a scalable and customizable launch page that works with Google App Engine, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, CoreOS clusters, and most Docker environments. Basic HTML files are included to allow Golapa to run without any customization, but are intended to be heavily customized or replaced.

View the Project on GitHub turret-io/golapa

Now supports Turret.IO

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